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Appliance Repair Cost: An Overview 

If an appliance fails, it can disrupt your routine completely. With such numerous moving components, repairs for appliances are virtually inevitable. In spite of this, repairing household appliances doesn’t always make sense financially, especially if the appliance is near the end of its lifespan. Switching to more modern models can save money by boosting the efficiency of your home’s energy usage and avoiding the headache and expense of making repairs.

Determining whether a repair to an appliance is cost-effective or worthwhile begins with calculating the possible expenses and comparing them to the expense of replacing it entirely.

Appliance Repair Costs

Unfortunately, knowing the typical repair cost for most commonly used appliances may not provide much information since “household appliances” and “repair” may cover many things and problems. For instance, unblocking a garbage disposal or replacing the evaporator in an air cooling unit can be described as “appliance repair.” Still, one is priced a bit more than the others.

Understanding average appliance repairs costing and comparing quotes from multiple service providers allows consumers to make educated decisions and ensure fair pricing for repairs that keep their appliances functioning at peak condition.

Washer Repair Cost

Repairing a washing machine could cost anywhere from $100 to $475. Small fixes, such as seal replacements, are less expensive; however, larger projects, like fixing damaged or defective transmission motors, are the most costly.

Dryer Repair Cost

The cost for dryer repairs typically ranges between $100-$400. The motor is generally the most costly component to replace, whereas belts, thermostats, and a thermal fuse to repair the problem of a dryer not heating is fairly inexpensive.

Fridge Repair Cost

The cost of refrigerator repairs typically ranges from $200 to $400. Repairs such as thermostat replacements or door sealing can be simple while replacing parts like the compressor and control board can significantly increase repair costs. The presence of unusual sounds, a lack of cooling, or even excessive leaks could indicate the need for repair.

Microwave Repair Cost

Repairs to microwaves typically cost between $150 to $300. The cheapest components to replace are lights and switches for doors; larger replacements like control boards and doors are typically more costly. Due to the low cost of modern microwaves, it is always advisable to assess the repair costs relative to the expense of buying an entirely new model.

Freezer Repair Cost

It is not uncommon for freezer repairs to cost between $100 and $450, with the higher end being typically more expensive due to the complexity of the mechanisms of the freezer. Simple fixes such as adjustment of thermostats or minor door repairs are usually cheaper, whereas repairs like replacing control panels will incur greater costs.

Stove/Oven Repair Cost

Repairs for stoves and ovens typically range from $125 to $425. Repairs like replacing the burner coils are less expensive, whereas repairs for components like damaged glass tops or malfunctioning control panels are more costly.


Most repair technicians for appliances charge between $50 and $150 for an hour. There is also an additional charge for travel expenses (sometimes known as the trip fee). Labour costs vary based on the cost of living and expertise of the technician.

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