How To Design Custom Triangle Boxes For Boosting Sales

There are different types of products in the retail consumer market that are used for different purposes and come in solid, powder, liquid, and gas forms. These products have their own specifications, nature, fragility, and packaging requirements. You can create any type of product box according to their qualities such as sizes and shapes. A triangle is a geometric shape that is the perfect option to create packaging boxes for different products. Brands create custom triangle boxes for a wide variety of products that attract customers with their creative and unique outlook. These boxes are named after their geometric shape.

In addition, triangle boxes also come in two types i.e. pyramid shape and triangle shape (box with three corners). In 3D shape, they are perfect for packaging gift items and with a simple shape, they are used for packaging pizza slices. You can customize these boxes in any design as per your own requirements and packaging budget. 

Common Uses Of Triangle Boxes For Packaging Products

Typically custom triangle packaging boxes are used for small size as well as gift products that look great on having a look at them. Below are some examples of products that you can package in these boxes:

  • Wristwatches
  • Candies
  • Gift items
  • Makeup items
  • Jewelry
  • Pizza slices
  • And many other products

Key Tips For Creating Perfect Triangle Product Boxes

Custom triangular boxes look great when they come with captivating designs and lush aesthetical printing. Below are some of the key tactics for you to create custom triangle shape boxes that not only can protect the products but also make them highlighted in the competitive retail product store:

1- Durable And Sturdy Material

Protecting products from internal and external (environmental) factors is the main purpose of packaging. So, it’s essential for brands to create triangle boxes wholesale packaging for their product by using sturdy and highly protective material. There are different materials that you can use for your products’ encasing, though, paper stocks are the best in this regard. Cardstock is a highly protective and lightweight material option for brands that are easily available in the market at reasonable and affordable costs.

2- Eco-Friendly Packaging Stock

People now have more know-how about the huge benefits of using nature-friendly product boxes and like to buy products that come in sustainable packaging. Paper materials such as Kraft, cardboard, corrugated fiberboard, and rigid stock are examples of sustainable materials. Furthermore, eco-friendly custom triangle boxes always play a key role in protecting the environment from pollutant elements. These elements can harm nature and add waste to the landfills which occupy more land.

3- Professional Customization

You can personalize your custom triangle box packaging as per your own design ideas considering your product nature. Always choose the box structure, size, theme design, color scheme, printing, and embellishments that suit you. Fit and lucrative packaging always win customers’ hearts and urge them to choose your company’s products.

4- Unique And Catchy Design

People love to buy those products that come in catchy triangle boxes. The more your custom printed product boxes are captivating and striking, the more customers you attract to your brand and make them decide to buy your products instantly. In addition, uniqueness is a key to attracting customers to your brand and setting your products apart from other brands’ products. By using these boxes you can increase customers and improve your sales profit.

5- Best Suitable Color Theme

Color choice is an important step while designing triangle wholesale boxes for your branded products. It is an admitted fact that colors impact human behavior and influence their mood and buying behavior. So, you can use and color scheme and design matching your brand’s overall theme and considering your product’s color. Use suitable and attractive matching of background color, font color, and relevant images on the box’s surface. That way you can make your product boxes look great and lucrative to your product onlookers and attract them to your company products.

6- Lush Printing And Finishes

You can print any color theme, textual and visual printing, and other graphics on your custom-printed triangle boxes to set your products apart from the rest. For example, you can print the relevant information on these boxes to educate your target customers about your products and the brand’s real value. Company name, product name, brand’s logo, storyline, company contact details, and social media profile links are examples of this information.

After the basic box design, you can embellish them with catchy finishes and make them look attractive to onlookers. Spot UV gloss coating, varnish coating, and metalized foiling (silver and gold) are examples of these options that enhance the value of your product. Furthermore, these options also protect the product from sunshine, dust, and moisture that can harm the product’s quality.

In a nutshell, on custom triangle boxes, the transparent window is another add-on option that allows customers to see the product from inside the box, analyze its quality, and plan to buy or ignore the product.

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