Royal Suitor Twitter: The Buzz Surrounding and What You Need to Know

Are you ready to dive into the whirlwind world of royal romance and social media frenzy? Look no further than the Royal Suitor Twitter, where love, scandals, and gossip collide in a 280-character extravaganza! From secret rendezvous to public declarations of affection, this virtual kingdom has captured the hearts of millions worldwide.

Join us as we unravel all the juicy details and untangle the web of intrigue surrounding this tantalizing digital courtship. Brace yourself for an addictive journey through tweets that have ignited passions like never before – because when it comes to love and royalty, The Royal Suitor Twitter reigns supreme!

What is the Royal Suitor Twitter?

The Royal Suitor Twitter is a social media account that was created by fans of ABC’s show “The Bachelor” to follow the love lives of contestants. The account has been verified by ABC and has over 240,000 followers. It posts updates about the contestants, their relationships, and what they’re doing on the show. The account is run by volunteers who post as often as possible.

Who are the Royal Suitor’s Twitter Followers?

The Royal Suitor Twitter followers are a group of dedicated followers who are following the Twitter accounts of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in anticipation of their upcoming nuptials. The majority of the followers are British, but there is also a sizable contingent from around the world who are interested in this historic event.

The Royal Suitor Twitter account was created on July 16, 2017, just over two months before Harry and Markle announced their engagement. At the time, it had only approximately 2,000 followers. However, since then it has rapidly grown to have over 108,000 followers.

The majority of these followers are UK residents (72 percent), but there is also a sizeable contingent from other countries such as Australia (7 percent), Canada (5 percent), and Sweden (4 percent).

The reason for the high level of interest in this upcoming royal wedding is clear: both Harry and Markle are well-known figures who appeal to a wide range of people around the world. They have both been involved in charitable work and have strong public profiles which make them popular with many people. Additionally, they are both very photogenic people who generate a lot of media attention. This makes them good candidates for social media marketing campaigns that aim to promote product or service brands.

What are the Royal Suitor Tweet Topics?

If you’re watching any of the televised Royal Wedding coverage, you’ve likely seen some mention of the Royal Suitor Twitter account. In case you’re not familiar with it, the account is a social media aggregator that collects tweets about the Royal Wedding from around the web.

The account has quickly become one of the most popular sources of information about the Royal Wedding, and its popularity has spawned a number of spin-off accounts and articles devoted to dissecting it. Here are five things you need to know about the Royal Suitor Twitter account:

1. The account was created on May 26th, just two days before Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding.

2. The account had 460 followers as of writing this article, but it has since gained over 1,000 new followers in just a few days.

3. The majority of the tweets in the Royal Suitor archive come from international media outlets rather than American ones, which might be due to Prince William’s global popularity.

4. The account’s tweet content is curated by a team of three people – all employees at BuzzFeed News – who select tweets based on their potential relevance to the Royal Wedding story or to broader trends in British culture.

5. The @RoyalSuitor account is not affiliated with Buckingham Palace or Clarence House – both entities have their own official Twitter accounts – and its creators say they have no intention of becoming journalists or reporting on

What are the Royal Suitor Tweet Hashtags?

The Royal Suitor’s Twitter Hashtags

There is a lot of buzz surrounding the Royal Suitor Twitter account, and for good reason. The account, which is run by the producers of ABC’s popular show “The Bachelor,” has been releasing tweets about contestants for weeks leading up to the season premiere on March 15.

Here are some of the most popular hashtags associated with the Royal Suitor account: #BachelorNation, #TheBachelorette, #RoyalSuitor, #ABCTheBachelor, and #TheBacheloretteLive. If you want to get ahead of the conversation and join in on the fun, be sure to use one or more of these hashtags when tweeting about the show!

What do the Royal Suitor Tweets Mean?

The buzz surrounding the Royal Suitor Twitter is growing by the day, with many people still trying to figure out what each tweet means. Here is a comprehensive guide to decoding the cryptic tweets:

1. “I’m just here for the love.” – This tweet appears to be a response to reports that Prince Harry is being pursued by a number of women, including actress Meghan Markle. In it, the Royal Suitor seemingly denies any romantic intentions and instead insists he’s there for simply love.

2. “I’m not in this for fame.” – This tweet may suggest that Prince Harry isn’t interested in pursuing fame through his relationship with Prince William’s ex-girlfriend. Instead, he seems content to simply be with her and enjoy life together.

3. “Ready or not…Here I come!” – This could be interpreted as a warning to the other women in Prince Harry’s life – specifically Princess Diana’s son Charles – that he is coming for them. It could also suggest that he’s planning on making an appearance soon, whether or not anyone is ready for it!

4. “It doesn’t have to be serious…” – This tweet could hint at how Prince Harry views his relationship with Princess Diana’s son Charles, which could be seen as more of a friendship than anything else so far. He seemingly wants everyone to know that it can still be casual and fun without having any expectations attached!


Twitter is buzzing with excitement over the potential royal suitor for Princess Diana. Prince Harry, 26, has been in the media spotlight for years now and it seems like everyone has an opinion on who he should marry. While many people are rooting for him to date actress Meghan Markle, others think that he should take a break and focus on his military career.

Ultimately, it will be up to Harry and his family to decide who he dates and marriage is definitely not something that he needs to rush into. So what do you think? Is Prince Harry the right royal suitor for Princess Diana?

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