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What Are Some Ideas For Unique Instagram Story Posts?

In today’s digital age, Instagram, powered by, has become more than just a photo-sharing platform; it’s a storytelling canvas where users can express themselves through Instagram Stories. 

Crafting unique and engaging Instagram story posts is essential to captivate your audience. Whether you’re a seasoned Instagrammer or just getting started, this article from will provide you with a treasure trove of 25 creative ideas to make your Instagram Stories truly unique.

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What should I post on Instagram story ideas?

Here are some ideas for fun and engaging Instagram story posts:

  • Share your favorite music or songs you’re listening to. Add the album art and tags.
  • Create polls to get your followers’ opinions on questions related to your interests or lifestyle.
  • Show a behind-the-scenes look at your day – like your breakfast, walk to work, practicing a hobby, etc.
  • Post motivational or inspirational quotes over cool images or backgrounds.
  • Share new products, books, or foods you’ve tried and give a quick review.
  • Give a tour of your workspace, desk, or office area.
  • Show off your OOTD (Outfit of the Day) – stand in front of a mirror or use a clipboard to get creative.
  • Capture fun disposable moments with pets, friends, family, co-workers.
  • Recommend local hot spots like coffee shops, bars, parks or scenic city views.
  • Tease upcoming events, trips, or plans you have.
  • Do quick DIY or cooking demos in timelapse or fast forward.
  • Answer frequently asked questions from followers.

The key is to give followers a unique, close-up view of your personal interests, lifestyle, and personality.

How can I increase my story views?

Capture attention immediately with eye-catching animations, trending stickers or humor. Poll your audience and geotag your location to engage followers. Interact by featuring responses and followers in your story. 

Post daily at consistent times to build viewing habits. Link stories together using colors, fonts and hashtags to continue the narrative. Utilize highlights and link stickers to drive traffic between feed and stories. Follow viral trends and collaborate with others through cross-promotion. Creative, high-quality content keeps viewers watching.

What topics do people like on Instagram?

People enjoy all kinds of lighthearted, entertaining content on Instagram. Travel photos, food pics, fashion looks, cute pets, humor and memes are perennial favorites. Motivational and inspirational quotes also perform well when overlaid on beautiful images. 

Many enjoy cheerful lifestyle content that offers glimpses into relationships, family life, weddings, and home decor. How-to tutorials, DIY projects, and small business tips are helpful to some audiences. Celebrities, influencers, and pop culture moments tend to trend.

Creative challenges, viral effects, and participating in hashtag campaigns is popular as well. Troubleshooting tech issues like how to Fix This Story Is Unavailable Instagram Error also appeals to users looking for solutions. Ultimately, Instagram favors upbeat, eye-catching visual storytelling around universal interests that provide a brief escape or moments of fun for the average user.

What can I post on Instagram ideas?

Here are some ideas for great Instagram posts:

  • Photos of yourself, friends, family, pets – Capture candid, fun moments. Show your personality.
  • Outfit of the day (OOTD) – Style yourself and take mirror selfies or photos of your #ootd. Tag clothing brands.
  • Food and drinks – Showcase delicious meals, baked goods, coffee drinks, cocktails.
  • Travel destinations – Share scenic views, attractions, lodging from your travels.
  • DIY projects – Document step-by-step instructions for home, craft, beauty or cooking projects.
  • Your hobbies/passions – Post your sports achievements, music you’re listening to, books you’re reading etc.
  • Motivational/inspirational quotes – Overlay quotes on beautiful or meaningful images.
  • Behind-the-scenes – Give a sneak peek of your job, event prep, daily routine or projects.
  • Reviews – Share your thoughts on movies, TV shows, products you’ve tried.
  • Funny memes – Entertain your followers with funny relateable images with text.
  • Interesting facts/infographics – Create or share visual facts and statistics about useful or fascinating topics.
  • Contests/giveaways – Engage your audience by organizing free contests and giveaways.

The most important thing is to share images and stories that authentically reflect your interests and personality.

Why do I get no story views?

There are a few potential reasons why you may not be getting many views on your Instagram stories:

  • Small follower count – If you don’t have many followers, a smaller audience will see your stories to begin with. Focus on growing your followers.
  • Irrelevant content – Posting content that doesn’t interest your target audience or align with your brand won’t attract attention. Stick to your niche.
  • Poor timing – Avoid posting stories at odd hours when most of your audience is asleep or busy. Post when most are active.
  • Overposting – Flooding your story with too many posts can overwhelm followers. Aim for a balance of quality over quantity.
  • Weak hooks – Your first slide needs to capture attention right away. Use interesting visuals, text, effects.
  • Low engagement – If you rarely respond to followers in your story, they may be less compelled to view them.
  • Competition – If influencers or hashtags you use have very high engagement, you may get buried.
  • Algorithm changes – Instagram’s algorithm can downgrade accounts that aren’t growing or engaging users.
  • Banned hashtags – Using banned or shadowbanned hashtags means your story won’t be discoverable.
  • Technical issues – App glitches can also prevent your story from being seen.

Improving your content, engaging your audience, and posting at strategic times can help increase your views. Patience and persistence is key.


Elevate your Instagram game with these 25 creative ideas for unique Instagram story posts. Whether you’re an influencer, a business owner, or just someone looking to share their journey, these ideas will help you stand out and connect with your audience on a deeper level. Get creative, be consistent, and watch your Instagram Stories flourish.

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