What Is a Green Card Number Exactly?

According to the most recent Census figures, the US is home to more immigrants than any other nation-more than 45 million individuals. As an immigrant, you might have a green card to prove it.

A green card is much more than a piece of paper. When you hear the term immigrant, in the traditional sense, it might be someone who came to the United States and gained citizenship.

Knowing your card number will allow you to track your green card status on the waiting list. It will also help you integrate into the United States culture.

What is exactly the green card number? Continue reading below to find out.


The Green Card number serves as a unique identification number for individuals who have been granted lawful permanent residence in the United States. Also known as a Permanent Resident Card, it is issued by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to allow its holder to live and work in the country permanently. This number serves as a crucial identifier for the government to track the residence status of its foreign-born citizens.

This resident card number is also crucial for the US government to check and regulate the number of permanent residents in the country. It is used to track an individual’s immigration status and is required for various official purposes. These include obtaining a driver’s license, opening a bank account, or applying for government benefits.

It is used for employment, tax, and social security purposes. This makes it an essential identification tool for permanent residents in the United States.

On the website for EB3 visa services, individuals can find information about how to get a green card number through the EB3 visa program. It provides job-based permanent residency to professionals and other workers with specialized skills.


The format of a green card number consists of 13 characters, including a combination of letters and numbers. The first three letters of the Green Card Number represent the USCIS office where the card was issued, followed by the two-digit year the card was issued and three digits representing the day it was issued.

The last seven digits are randomly generated to ensure the uniqueness of each card number. This format allows for efficient tracking and management of permanent residents in the US.


The location of the card number may vary depending on the card design in the bottom right corner. Your green card can be found on the front of the card, usually below the alien registration numbers and above the expiration date. It is important to keep this number safe and secure as it is a crucial piece of information for maintaining your legal status in the United States.

The Importance of a Green Card Number

A green card number is a unique identification number given to permanent residents in the United States. It serves as proof of their status as legal residents and allows access to various benefits and opportunities.

If you currently hold a Green Card, make sure to familiarize yourself with your Green Card Number and its significance. If you are looking to get a green card, reach out to an immigration attorney for guidance on the green card process and the importance of your green card number.

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