The Latest Disney Changes to Theme Parks in 2024

You’ve probably heard about fans living for the moment and making their time at the Disney parks this year. If you’re making a Disney trip in 2024, you must ensure you’re as prepared as possible.

These are the Disney changes you need to know so you’re ready to enjoy yourself.

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Newer and Better Genie+

This state-of-the-art technology will enhance the guest experience. This will make planning a day at the park even easier. With the Genie, guests can create personalized itineraries and receive real-time updates on wait times and attraction closures.

The Genie will also offer recommendations based on guests’ preferences, ensuring they get all their favorite attractions. This new addition is just one of the many innovative changes to Disney’s theme parks in 2024.

Annual Pass Holders Will Not Need Reservations

Disney announced that annual pass holders will no longer need to make reservations to visit the parks starting this year. It will provide pass holders with more flexibility and spontaneity. It allows them to see their favorite attractions without planning.

In addition, Disney is also introducing new exclusive perks for pass holders, such as early park entry and special discounts. These changes aim to enhance the pass-holder experience and show appreciation for their loyalty.

Disney Dining Plans is Coming Back

This popular choice lets visitors buy meal credits ahead of time so they can eat at certain restaurants without having to worry about how to pay when they get there. It makes it easier to plan your spending and adds to the magic of a Disney vacation as a whole.

Also, the meal plans will now have more plant-based options to meet the rising demand for healthier and more environmentally friendly foods.

New and Reimagined Attractions

Guests can expect to see known characters and storylines brought to life in new ways and entirely new experiences. A new land with a Frozen theme and an exciting Frozen-themed rollercoaster is one of the most-anticipated additions.

And a new Avengers ride is in the works for Marvel fans. In addition to these new attractions, Disney is reimagining some famous rides by adding new technology and special effects to improve the overall experience.

Disney Springs Opening

Disney Springs is a much-anticipated addition that will give people of all ages a new level of fun and entertainment. Disney Springs will be the most significant growth in the history of Disney World. It will have new eating methods, exciting shopping places, and immersive attractions. It is the perfect time to learn more info on property selling to get a piece of Disney on your portfolio.

The complex will also have the new Marvel Land, featuring well-known characters and thrilling rides based on famous movies. Disney Springs will also have cutting-edge technology and eco-friendly design, making it a place everyone will remember.

Besides new attractions and shows, Disney has announced they will offer more property for sale within the parks. It means that guests will have the opportunity to explore potential investment opportunities. It is the perfect time to learn more info on property selling to get a piece of Disney on your portfolio.

Don’t Miss the Disney Changes Coming This 2024

The latest Disney changes to theme parks in 2024 will bring even more magic and excitement to the Disney experience. With new Disney attractions, technologies, and upgrades, there’s never been a better time to plan a trip to Disney Park. Take advantage of the fun – start planning your visit today!

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