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How to Fix and Prevent a Flooded Backyard

Flooding happens in all sorts of weather, from heavy rains to severe thunderstorms. What may come as a minor inconvenience indoors can be a major issue in your yard.

When storms take out rain gutters and ditches, the water flows into your yard and potentially erodes the soil. How to fix and prevent a flooded backyard can help you protect the investment you’ve made in your outdoor space.

Thankfully, outdoor drainage systems are easy to install and well worth the investment. Read on to learn how to take preventative steps to keep your yard in great shape.

Hire a Landscaping Expert

Hiring landscaping experts can help to fix and prevent a flooded backyard. A landscaping expert can help to assess and diagnose the flooding problem. Depending on the cause and severity of the flooding in the backyard, the expert can help to provide solutions to stop the backyard from flooding.

A landscaping expert can advise homeowners on the types of plants, vegetation, and other materials that should be planted in the backyard to limit flooding. The expert can provide landscaping tips on how to manage any rainwater that accumulates and direct it away from the backyard.

Raise a Rain Garden

Raising a rain garden is an effective way to fix and prevent a flooded backyard. Rain gardens are essentially shallow depressions filled with vegetation and soil that capture and absorb stormwater runoff from roofs and other impervious surfaces. They can help reduce flooding and water damage in yards by slowing the flow of water and allowing it to filter back into the ground.

Maintaining the garden can also help in preventing flooding in the future. It is important to remove any debris on the surface, clear clogged pipes, and control the growth of weeds, to make sure the garden is functioning properly.

Redirect the Water

A flooded backyard can be caused by heavy rain or poor yard drainage. To fix this issue, the first step is to redirect the water away from the yard. This can be done by diverting the runoff away from the area and into a better-draining area, such as a retention pond, a ditch, or even a storm drain.

Depending on the size of the flooded area, you may need to install a drainage system or extend existing drainage systems. This can be done by digging new trenches or channels that go around the perimeter of the yard, which will help to divert rainwater away from the area.

Level Sloping Ground

To fix and prevent a flooded backyard on the level-sloping ground, homeowners have several options. First, they can create a raised planting bed for plants, trees, and shrubs. This will help absorb and control runoff and direct excess water away.

If the property is in an area that experiences frequent heavy rains and flooding, a retaining wall may be the best option. This can hold back the water and give it a place to go while still providing a good sum of aesthetic value to the yard.

Avoiding a Flooded Backyard

Having the proper drainage system in place can help prevent flooding in your backyard. If flooding has already occurred, it is important to take action quickly and investigate the source of the problem. Maintaining drainage tiles, plant beds, and fixtures can help minimize risk.

Having a good backyard drainage can help prevent costly damage. For more information on how to fix and prevent a flooded backyard, contact your local landscaping expert!

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